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Livestock Management

Welcome to our news page. Keep up with news from the farm, the latest developments in sustainability, and other relevant articles and pieces of information that we feel like throwing your way!

21st Apr 2017
The Farm Crap App Pro will be launched at the industry's Grassland and Muck event scheduled to take place at Stoneleigh in May of this year.
1st Feb 2017
Source: The Examiner, 22nd January 2017
8th Dec 2016
Source: Defra 
17th Aug 2016
Below is a blog from our new FCCT director Liz Bowles that was written for the website
20th Jun 2016
Source: The Scottish Farmer, 9th June 2016, Gordon Davidson 
17th May 2016
Source: Meat and Livestock Australia, News bulletin, 13th
9th May 2016
Source: Dan Nosowitz, Modern Farmer
4th May 2016
Following on from the first part of the blog, this second part explains some of the finer details and differences between GWP (global warming potential) and GTP (Global Temperature change Potential