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Climate Metrics for Ruminant livestock

11th Oct 2018

Source: Program Briefing from Oxford Martin School, July 2018


The conventional Global Warming Potential (GWP) can be misleading when applied to methane emissions, particularly when these are being reduced. A revised usage of GWP, denoted GWP*, which uses the same metric values interpreted in a new way, provides a more accurate indication of the impact of short-lived pollutants on global temperature.

Farm Carbon Calculator relaunch

26th Mar 2018

Calculating the carbon footprint of your farm is the first step to reducing the environmental impact of your farm business. It is one of the main services that FCCT offers to farmers, as part of our commitment to offering free, impartial advice and support to any farmer or grower wishing to reduce their carbon emissions and/or increase carbon sequestration.

Livestock’s carbon footprint and the importance of comparing greenhouse gases

3rd May 2016

This blog was published on the Food Climate Research Network and comes from Martin Persson at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.  This blog looks at the difficult issue of how to measure the climate impacts of the different greenhouse gases.  He begins by explaining what the two most common measurements (Global Warming Potential and Global Temperature Change Potential actually measure.