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European Agroforestry Conference Report

11th Nov 2016

The report below was written by Niels Corfield.

In late May, 250 Delegates, from as far away as China and Brazil, with a large contingent from France and Europe gathered in Montpelier for the 2016 European Agroforestry Conference. Research, practices and experiences were shared from academics and managers alike were shared across 2 days of conference and 1 day of tours.

06.03.2015 Agroforestry Ammonia Abatement, practicalities, implications and policy

6th Mar 2015

This work was done by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
in Scotland, in collaboration with work in Spain and France. It looked at the potential for abating
ammonia emissions from livestock production systems.  80% of the UK’s ammonia emissions come from
animal manures, either from livestock housing, storage or spreading – a further
10% comes from inorganic fertiliser.