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Welcome to the Farm Carbon Calculator

Please note that we have a brand new version of the Farm Carbon Calculator launching on January 9th at the Oxford Real Farming Conference. It will be a better tool with improved functionality, fully updated factors, a broader range of inputs, and improved graphics.

In the meantime you are welcome to use this version of the Calculator but please be aware that any data entered here may not be automartically transferred to the new site. You will be able to access your existing account and reports, but not transfer them in to the new format without manually re-entering data. Thanks for your understanding.

FCCT presents the Farm Carbon Calculator, which we believe is the most comprehensive, accurate and user friendly carbon calculator available to farmers and growers. Version 4 is fully updated for 2018 and includes some new features to improve the experience of users - read what's different for 2018 here.

It is free to use and enables farmers and growers to first calculate their carbon footpint, then take steps to reduce it.

How to access the calculator

In order to complete your carbon footprint you will need to register and create a user name and logon.  

Once you have registered, then you need to collect the data from the year you are going to footprint, which means digging out bills and invoices so that you can enter the data that is needed to calculate the carbon emissions from your business. 

Click here to access some helpful resources for the calculator. 

For more information on the calculator and some helpful hints and tips on completing it and making it meaningful for your farm, please click here. 

Tailored Carbon Calculators are an essential way of measuring the amount of carbon generated by farming and growing businesses, and the carbon absorbed by the soil and biomass on the land.

The references behind the Calculator are listed here.

The Calculator will be updated periodically so that you are using the most up to date information.