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Carbon Calculator Resources

On this page you will find some helpful hints and tips that should help you complete the carbon footprint for your farm.

How to guide

This guide walks you through how to complete your footprint calculation for your farm, the information you will need and how to navigate through the tabs.

Download the guide here.


The references that make up the calculations behind the calculator are all listed in this spreadsheet.  This allows you to understand where the figures come from and have confidence in your results.

Dowload the spreadsheet here.

Data collection sheet

Here is the link to the spreadsheet where you can note down all the information and data that you will need to complete your footprint.


Our fantastic director Jonathan Smith has designed three infographics to help inspire you to get involved with footprinting. 

Guide 1: Carbon Emissions on farms

Guide 2: Emissions from livestock

Guide 3: Carbon sequestration on farms

Terms and conditions

Below is a link to our terms and conditions that are associated with using the calculator. Please click on the link to read them and then tick the box to accept them. 

Terms and conditions for the Farm Carbon Calculator.