Commercial services

The Farm Carbon Calculator is free for individual farmers and growers to use on a non-commercial basis. However when the Calculator is being used on a more commercial basis, we offer a variety of paid-for options. 

Organisations using our commercial services are invited to join our Calculator Supporter community and all the money is reinvested to support future developments, ensuring the Calculator is world-leading and at the forefront of the latest research.

We currently have three types of service:

  • Professional Licences to use the Farm Carbon Calculator. For any businesses using the Calculator to provide paid-for footprinting or advice, such as consultancies and land agents. 
  • Bespoke “White Label” services. For organisations interested in a bespoke-skinned version of the Calculator, featuring group administration, bespoke branded reports and benchmarking.
  • Custom integrations: For organisations interested in a custom integration via our API service, to enhance the flow of footprinting data, benchmarks and other information.

Click to download a PDF explaining our commercial services or contact us.

Professional Licences

Fees from professional licences help to support future developments, ensuring the Calculator is world-leading and at the forefront of the latest research. To discuss trial periods or have an introduction call, please get in touch.  

2023 ratesNo planBasicStandardGold
per report
from £65
per report
from £50
per report
from £42
per report
Number of reports includedup to 20up to 50up to 120
Starter training sessions1 session2 sessions2 sessions
No of usersup to 8up to 20up to 50
Customer support2 hours6 hours12 hours
Report validations124
Base annual fee£1,300£2,500£5,000
Charity/CIC/BCorp discount10%10%10%10%
Extras above payment plan
Additional reports£120£45 per report£40 /report£35 /report
Report validationfrom £75
Extra online training sessions£350
Please get in touch for details about this service.

White Labels

For organisations interested in providing a bespoke Calculator experience for their users, we provide White Label versions of the Farm Carbon Calculator. These customised versions of the calculator are hosted and maintained by the Farm Carbon Toolkit, but styled to suit your brand identity. They include the following features:

  • A dedicated home page and URL
  • Dedicated web support in case of any problems
  • Customised visuals and messaging for users: including bespoke resources for users. 
  • Membership of our supporter community, with opportunities to feedback on Calculator development and the needs of your organisation.
  • Group admin function: explore and export data from all users, as PDF reports and CSV downloads.. This enables you to understand averages and benchmarks within your group. This is subject to appropriate data protection agreements with your users. 
  • Customised report page: including PDF downloads, with agreed branding that enables the report to have a visual comparable with the customised home page, and a sense of ownership.
  • Customised help documents and FAQs specific to your user group
  • Initial half day training session on how to use the Calculator, plus ongoing support in case of technical queries
  • Plus all standard features of the Calculator:
    • A continually updated, latest version of the Calculator engine
    • Results in three levels of detail – Summary, Detailed and Full
    • Comparison: compare your results against other carbon reports
    • Share: enable others to access your carbon reports via a URL token

Find out more

To find out more and discuss your needs for a Professional Licence  or White Label please contact [email protected].