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Decarbonising UK Agriculture - Perspectives and Policy for change

Event date: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 09:45 to 16:45

Decarbonising! Across industry and society there has been much progress in introducing innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint. Where next? The carbon footprint of agriculture is complex. At one end, tractors and mechanisation systems are big energy users whilst natural resources such as forests and the soil can be managed to capture carbon. Decarbonising UK Agriculture is about finding the symbiosis needed to make this successful. This conference will explore a broad range of perspectives with a view to helping those responsible for policy and practice choose the right approaches and develop the technologies and practices required if reliance on carbon is to be reduced. This conference is for engineers, scientists and technologists, farmers, growers, producers, and movers and shakers working in policy and sustainable development.

Key benefits of attending

  • Gain an oversight of technological developments emerging in modern agriculture
  •  Focus on the challenges of decarbonisation and the emerging reduction strategies
  • Learn cutting edge insights on the carbon agenda from acknowledged technical specialists
  •  Find out what you need to consider as you carbon proof your business
  • Meet likeminded people and forge future business relationships
  • Develop ideas and initiate new approaches alongside industry leaders 

Venue: Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 2JQ

Cost: Early Bird £100 + vat, Delegate £120 + vat, Retired £75 + vat, Student £40 + vat

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