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Pigs 2022: the global perspective

Event date: 
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 10:30 to 16:30

Never have the fortunes of the UK and EU pig producers been more tied-in to the ups and downs of the global marketplace than they are today. 

For the UK this is only going to become more pronounced as we leave the EU and seek new trading partners, bringing threats and opportunities in equal measure.

That is why we are very pleased to announce a top quality field of speakers from across the world to open up 'Pigs 2022 - the Opportunities' a two day event in June organised by ig World and AHDB pork. 

The first day in Solihull will be dedicated to the International Outlook Conference.

Chair  for the day will be AHDB strategy director Mick Sloyan. He said "Wherever you look there is so much uncertainty surrounding the global market.

"In the short term, and medium term while the EU market appears stable for now, what happens in places like China and the US will have a profound impact on the EU pig sector.

"And looking ahead to Brexit, but also the wider global trading situation, there are many questions to be answered. How will Brexit affect the EU pork trade? What sort of new exporting opportunities will open up for the UK? How will we cope with the threat of lower standards?

"We are absolutely delighted to have secured such a high quality international field to discuss exactly these sort of issues at Pigs 2022.

Location: St John's Hotel, Solihull, B91 1AT

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