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Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture for Livestock farms, intro

Event date: 
Friday, November 29, 2019 - 10:00 to 15:45

Venue: Stonegate Village Hall, Stonegate, Wadhurst, TN5 7ED

Soil Health - Pasture Health - Whole Farm Planning

- Ever wanted to know what it is that makes grass grow rapidly and in drought?
- Want to know how to convert hard consolidated soil into friable top soil?
- Like to know how to create the most beneficial environment for stock on your farm?

On this short course (10 - 3:45pm), lead by Niels Corfield, you will
• Learn the whys and wherefores of regenerative agriculture and whole-farm health on grazed operations.
• Be introduced to new ways of thinking about the "farming problem" and new ways to view- and monitor your farm.

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