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12.06.14 Cover cropping and Controlled Traffic Farming

12th Jun 2014

Below is a link to an interesting video that pinged into the FCCT inbox this week from Controlled Traffic Farming Europe about the use of cover crops in controlled traffic farming systems.

The video features a farmer from Bedfordshire who manages his soil and cropping using a controlled traffic farming system as well as direct drilling and using cover crops. The farmer in question was able to direct sow a cover crop of spring oats immediately after wheat harvest, and then again direct sow linseed intonthe sprayed off oats in the spring.

What strikes me when watching this video, is the growth of the linseed, even under what seems to be a dense mat of oat crop residue. Surely if these crops can grow away and produce a good yield, while at the same time, getting all the benefits of keeping the soil anchored in the field, and minimising nutrient losses, its an interesting prospect?

Watch the video here and let us know what you think. Are you growing cover crops on your farm and
willing to share your experiences with other farmers? Get in touch here.