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Trees & Agroforestry

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23rd Aug 2018
This is a report written by FCCT director Jonathan Smith on his recent visit to Wakelyns Farm in Suffolk where they have developed an agroforestry system.
7th Aug 2017
AFINET (AgroForestry Innovation NETworks) aims to support innovation in agroforestry through enhancing knowledge transfer between farmers, foresters, researchers, advisers and government services. 
8th Dec 2016
Applications for the Woodland Carbon fund opened on the 10th November 2016.
11th Nov 2016
The report below was written by Niels Corfield.
11th Jul 2016
Climate friendly practices applied: Agroforestry
22nd Feb 2016
From Farming Futures blog, 18th February 2016
17th Mar 2015
Getting in to Agroforestry by Peter Aspin, Shropshire Agroforestry Project
13th Mar 2015
The Woodland Trust offers financial and practical assistance to help farmers benefit from trees, supporting busi
9th Mar 2015
Stephen & Lynn Briggs rent a 105ha farm in Cambridgeshire, UK.