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Attitudes to climate change

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20th Mar 2017
Source: Jess Davies Nature 543, 309 - 311 (16 March 2017) Access it here 
3rd Feb 2017
A new survey aimed at farm advisors has been launched.
2nd Feb 2017
Yes, I know that this is top of everyone's reading list, and as such, you can therefore stop reading this blog immediately!
20th Jan 2017
Source: The Guardian, 20th January 2017
21st Dec 2015
As the year draws to a close and, as the song says, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, it seems fitting to reflect for a brief moment on the year here at FCCT.
14th Sep 2015
A number of studies have shown that the public misunderstand global warming.
2nd Oct 2014
So following on from the blog at the beginning of the week about communicating climate change and some of the issues surrounding attitudes, this is “part 2” for the end of the week about what this
29th Sep 2014
So as part of this month’s theme of looking at attitudes towards climate change, I thought that I would look at what the social scientists have done in terms of research around farmer attitudes and
25th Sep 2014
The UN Climate Summit is happening this week in New York. This is a meeting with a lot of
12th Sep 2014
In the general stresses that surround farming including making business decisions, not annoying the RPA, looking after stock and crops and coping with the weather, worrying about what is the carbon