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Calculators and Metrics

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26th Mar 2018
Calculating the carbon footprint of your farm is the first step to reducing the environmental impact of your farm business.
4th May 2016
Following on from the first part of the blog, this second part explains some of the finer details and differences between GWP (global warming potential) and GTP (Global Temperature change Potential
3rd May 2016
This blog was published on the Food Climate Research Network and comes from Martin Persson at Ch
28th Apr 2015
A European Joint Res
9th Sep 2014
Greenhouse gases are much talked about but are inherently intangible.
5th Sep 2014
For one of the last blogs on this month’s theme of calculators and metrics, I thought that I would have a look at the emissions situation from a global perspective.
26th Aug 2014
In recent years benchmarking has been seen of paramount importance in improving the performance of UK agriculture.
8th Aug 2014
The old adage of you can’t manage what you don’t measure is the underlying message for this month’s theme.
3rd Jul 2013
Smartphone apps, those bits of software helping you do all sorts of things on your phone, are all around us in modern life and have revolutionised the way we work, rest and play.  Now, they look se