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Managing cover crops

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14th Aug 2019
Source: Science Daily 
5th Dec 2018
Sharing best practice and innovation through championing farmers who are improving their soils.
24th Aug 2018
By Dr. Franklin Egan, Director of Education at PASA farming in the US.
2nd Oct 2017
3rd May 2017
This article comes from the Soil Science Society of America and was originally published on the 5th April 2017.
23rd Mar 2017
Source: Indiana Prairie Farmer, Tom Bechman, 20th Feb 2017
18th Jun 2014
With increasing legislation in terms of chemicals permitted to control soilborne pests, any cultural options that can help improve yields and reduce pest and disease levels ins always advantageous.
13th Jun 2014
Cereals has been on this week, and as such the spotlight is shining on new Research and Development projects that are running (as well as lots of shiny new kit to look at!).
12th Jun 2014
Below is a link to an interesting video that pinged into the FCCT inbox this week from Controlled Traffic Farming Europe about the use of cover crops in controlled traffic farming systems.