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Crop Production

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19th Jun 2017
When? Wednesday 28th June What time? 6 - 8.30pm Where? Box Tree Farm, Asselby, Goole, East Yorkshire, DN14 7HE
19th Jun 2017
When? Wednesday 5th July What time? 6 - 8.30pm Where? South Farm, Cornsay, Durham, DH7 9 EL
16th Jun 2017
Richard Suddes, a mixed farmer from Durham, and Tim Parton, an arable farmer from Staffordshire have been awarded the 2017 Soil Farmer of the Year Award as joint winners.
23rd Mar 2017
Source: Indiana Prairie Farmer, Tom Bechman, 20th Feb 2017
24th Aug 2016
The article below comes from Tillage magazine, and was written by Marion King.
1st Jun 2015
Ammonia released by nitrogen fertilisers in Spanish agriculture could be reduced by up to 82% with only a very minimal impact on crop yield, finds new research.
6th Mar 2015
This work was done by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
12th Feb 2015
Increased soil biodiversity can reduce nitrogen pollution, improve nutrient uptake by plants and even increase crop yields, according
5th Feb 2015
ADAS have brought together data on excess winter