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Energy Generation

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11th Sep 2019
SOURCE: NFU- Achieving Net Zero by 2040
18th Aug 2016
Source: Climate news network, July 17th 2016 Paul Brown
9th Jun 2016
We are looking for farmers in the south west who have installed ground mounted solar panels on-farm and might be interested in taking part in a research project.
21st Nov 2014
The Farm Power Coalition, an organisation made up of a growing number of farming bodies, businesses and NGOs has released a
20th Nov 2014
Mike Woollacott, Greenwatt Technology
18th Nov 2014
If you have installed a heat system that is accredited under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme there are various rules and record keeping requirements that you need to adhere to in order to
3rd Nov 2014
Recently appointed FCCT director Andrew Rigg has just taken carbon saving a step further on his farm in Hampshire. An all-electric car, a Nissan Leaf Acenta has arrived in the yard.
24th Oct 2014
A new document was released last week which describes good practice and opportunities to manage small livestock enterprises and ground mounted solar panels concurrently.