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Fertilisers and Fertility

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17th Dec 2015
Where improved soil quality is concerned, not all organic matter is equal.
5th Oct 2015
So for the last blog of the month looking at Nitrous oxide here is a piece of research conducted by Theo Platts-Dunn at Lancaster University as part of a Masters programme.
14th Sep 2015
Spreading N-based fertilisers on grassland can increase greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) such as nitrous oxide (NO
5th Feb 2015
ADAS have brought together data on excess winter
23rd May 2014
So as the month of blogs looking at fertilisers and fertility draws to an end, it seemed like a good time to lo
12th May 2014
So following on from the blog last week about fertility building and the use of legumes, as promised this week I am going to have a
8th May 2014
The values of organic manures produced by livestock to our farming systems is undisputed.
1st May 2014
The negative environmental effects associated with the use of inorganic Nitrogen fertiliser and their increasing costs mean that alternative options for food production in the long term may be need
17th Apr 2014
So its time for the monthly to change again here at FCCT.
20th Mar 2014
At this time of year, with the weather finally on the turn, and a spell of dry days, fields have been buzzing with tractors out spreading fertiliser.  Within conventional agriculture, fertiliser is