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Global Initiatives to reduce GHGs

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28th Apr 2015
A European Joint Res
24th Apr 2015
Agriculture Secretary for the USA today laid out a
24th Apr 2015
The emissions intensity of New Zealand agriculture (the measure of the GHG’s generated per unit of meat or milk produced on-farms) has declined on average by about 1% per year since at least 1990.
17th Apr 2015
Following on from yesterday's blog looking at the Farm 300 programme that is running in Australia, below are a couple of videos of farmers who are 'climate champions' and have already adapted their
16th Apr 2015
The weather down here in Cornwall seems to have turned for the better recently.
26th Mar 2015
The information below comes from a project called SmartSOIL.
25th Mar 2015
This is the interesting theme that we are going to tackle for the next month here at FCCT.