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Livestock Management

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8th Feb 2016
Figures from the Bord Bia Sustainability Report 2015 show that, on the average suckler beef farm, increasing the
22nd Jan 2016
This great article has been written by Peter Mundy, following a conference that was held last week in Bristol entitled Steps to Sustainable Livestock.
10th Dec 2015
In 2014, the United States national dairy herd produced twice as much milk as it did 90 years ago, but with about 60 percent fewer cows.
27th Jul 2015
The Livestock Research Group (LRG) of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA) and Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform have joined forces to compile informa
27th Apr 2015
Below average grass growth earlier this spring could put next winter's cow performance and fertility at risk, where grass is cut with high nitrate levels.
16th Jan 2015
Management strategies to reduce enteric methane emissions can be categorised into three sections, forage utilisation, feed additives and improved production efficiencies.
5th Aug 2014
GHG emissions from dairy production systems have a large impact on agriculture’s carbon footprint, with approximately 20% of the industry’s emissions attributable to dairy production.
23rd Jul 2014
So this week, I am fortunate enough to be spending my time at the Royal Welsh Show.