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Soil Carbon

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11th Sep 2019
SOURCE: NFU- Achieving Net Zero by 2040
9th Aug 2019
Source: Science Daily, July 26 2019. 
3rd Jun 2019
Julian Gold, an arable farmer from Oxfordshire has been announced as the winner of the 2019 Soil Farmer of the Year.
12th Feb 2019
Come along to our soils workshop where we will be talking about our soil carbon project, looking at the initial results and discussing year 2's activity.
16th Jan 2019
This piece was published in Nature at the end of last year (just before the climate change talks in Katowice) and challenges us all to take 8 steps to make our soils more reslient to drought, produ
5th Dec 2018
Sharing best practice and innovation through championing farmers who are improving their soils.
22nd Nov 2018
What is the "4 per 1000" Initiative
19th Nov 2018
Source: Ecosystem marketplace, 2nd October 2018