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Soil Carbon

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7th Nov 2016
The information below comes from a new paper that has just been published in Soil Journal and looks at the importance of soil fauna in the movement and cycling (dynamics) of soil organic matter.
28th Sep 2016
So you might have guessed from the title, that I am in Australia for 3 weeks, for the first long trip of my Nuffield experience.
18th Aug 2016
The farm walk with the final prize winner for this years Soil Farmer of the Year has now been arranged.
17th Aug 2016
Click here to watch the videos from the eve
17th Aug 2016
Below is a blog from our new FCCT director Liz Bowles that was written for the website
15th Aug 2016
Sustainable soil management is the Holy Grail for farmers, policy makers and consumers – if we can develop a sustainable system that allows us to grow enough food for the growing population whilst
5th Aug 2016
Source: Farming Futures, 3rd August 2016
1st Jul 2016
Huge amounts of soil carbon have been discovered up to 1 metre below grassland in a recent UK study.  Yet most carbon inventories do not assess soil deeper than 30cm.