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Soil Carbon

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4th May 2016
Following on from the first part of the blog, this second part explains some of the finer details and differences between GWP (global warming potential) and GTP (Global Temperature change Potential
3rd May 2016
This blog was published on the Food Climate Research Network and comes from Martin Persson at Ch
18th Apr 2016
France's 4 per 1000 Initiative is due to be scrutinised at the International Level to determine th
15th Apr 2016
While farm soil grows the world's food and fibre, scientists are examining ways to use it to sequester carbon and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.
25th Mar 2016
Soil erosion in Italy could be reduced by 43% if Good Agriclutural and Environmental Conditions (GAEC) were fully adopted, a recent study has found.
1st Mar 2016
The shortlist for the inaugural Soil Farmer of the Year competition has been announced.
25th Jan 2016
How can land management can affect surface runoff volumes, and whether, in some circumstances, better soil management can help reduce flooding risk.
16th Dec 2015
Sustainable farm Management Aimed at Reducing threats to SOILs under climate change