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23rd Sep 2020
Where? Deverell Farm, Milborne St Andrew, Dorset When? 23rd October 2020 What time? 10.30 - 12.30
18th Jun 2020
Source: Rothamsted Research News article, 5th June 2020
22nd Jan 2020
BBC environment analyst, Roger Harrabin looks into the future of UK soils and their potential providing services for society like clean air, clean and plentiful water, flood protection, thriving w
11th Sep 2019
SOURCE: NFU- Achieving Net Zero by 2040
9th Aug 2019
Source: Science Daily, July 26 2019. 
11th Apr 2019
Source: Irish Times, 29th March 2019, full link here. 
15th Jan 2019
Yesterday, the Government released its Clean Air Strateg