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18th Jan 2018
Source: The Committee on Climate Change 
6th Dec 2017
Source: The Sustainable Food Trust, 21st November 
9th Nov 2017
Source: NFU News item 07.11.2017
31st Oct 2017
Source: Rothamsted Research 30th October 2017
30th Oct 2017
Source: Sustinable Soils Alliance website .
16th Oct 2017
A new collaboration with an interest in soil health and an aim to improve it will be launched in Parliament this October.
11th Oct 2017
Last Monday brought a new report released which has received quite a lot of media attention focussing on the greenhouse gas impact of grazing livestock, and the potential for grasslands to provide
14th Sep 2017
This report is a summary of a longer report from a conference that took place in May this year, loo