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12th Feb 2017
Source: Science for Environmental Polic
3rd Feb 2017
A new survey aimed at farm advisors has been launched.
2nd Feb 2017
Yes, I know that this is top of everyone's reading list, and as such, you can therefore stop reading this blog immediately!
28th Jan 2017
Source: Farmers Edge, Canada, Blog January 9th, 2017
20th Jan 2017
Source: Minasny et al (2017), Soil carbon 4 per mille, Geoderma 292, 59-86
8th Dec 2016
Source: Defra 
8th Dec 2016
Four unexplored big wins in agriculture - tackling climate change through landscape restoration
11th Nov 2016
The report below was written by Niels Corfield.
5th Aug 2016
Source: Farming Futures, 3rd August 2016
4th Aug 2016
Source: 1st August 2016