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14th Jul 2016
Every five years the government must carry out an assessment of the current and future risks to the country from climate change.
1st Jul 2016
Huge amounts of soil carbon have been discovered up to 1 metre below grassland in a recent UK study.  Yet most carbon inventories do not assess soil deeper than 30cm.
31st May 2016
This information comes from a paper entitled “Spatially explicit estimates of N2O emissions from croplands suggest climate mitigation opportunities from improved fertiliser management” which has ju
19th May 2016
"Enhancing soil health is key to providing ecosystem services and food security. There are often trade-offs to using a particular practice, or it is not fully understood.
16th May 2016
SOURCE: NFU Climate Change
21st Apr 2016
Source: Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.
19th Apr 2016
How communities can work together to achieve change, whilst adapting to a future climate.
15th Apr 2016
The final report of the
8th Feb 2016
This information comes from a recently published study in the journal Nature Climate Change.  To read the full article
8th Feb 2016
Figures from the Bord Bia Sustainability Report 2015 show that, on the average suckler beef farm, increasing the