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25th Jan 2016
How can land management can affect surface runoff volumes, and whether, in some circumstances, better soil management can help reduce flooding risk.
11th Jan 2016
The Survey from the NFU revealed that two thirds of farmers have noticed an increase in extreme weather consist
19th Oct 2015
Cereal fields provide a staple food, but are also home to a wide array of invertebrates.
6th May 2015
Manure and sewage can provide crops with more phosphorus than chemical fertilisers.
18th Dec 2014
Dairy farming is responsible for a significant release of GHGs from various aspects along the production process.
6th Nov 2014
The IPCC released two major reports on Sunday (2nd November), a report which summarises the key findings from the three working group reports which were issued earlier in the year (
18th Aug 2014
So following on from the introductory blog last week, this week’s blog is a little bit more detail on the newly released
1st Apr 2014
Yesterday, (31st March) an international group of climate scientists working for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) re
8th Aug 2013
Land is not being used to its best advantage according to a new study by Professor Unai Pascual from the Basque Centre for Climate Change and a team of environmental economists from Europe.