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Soil Biology

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16th Jun 2017
Richard Suddes, a mixed farmer from Durham, and Tim Parton, an arable farmer from Staffordshire have been awarded the 2017 Soil Farmer of the Year Award as joint winners.
20th Mar 2017
Source: Jess Davies Nature 543, 309 - 311 (16 March 2017) Access it here 
28th Jan 2017
Source: Nutrition Matters Blog by Graham Sait, 2010
19th Jan 2017
Source: British Society of Soil Science, 17th January 2017.
8th Dec 2016
Source: Simon Parfey The solution to deteriorating soil health ... biodiversity!
5th Aug 2016
Source: Farming Futures, 3rd August 2016
15th Jul 2016
The video below comes from the USDA natural resources department and is all about soil.
24th Jun 2016
The old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," only works if the "it" isn't broken. In the case of agricultural practices in Brazil, Cristiano Magalhaes Pariz realised something was broken. 
15th Feb 2016
This information below comes from
21st Jan 2016
This time lapse film shows bioturbation (the mixing of plant residues into soils and sediments by biotic activity).