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Soil Biology

Welcome to our news page. Keep up with news from the farm, the latest developments in sustainability, and other relevant articles and pieces of information that we feel like throwing your way!

16th Oct 2017
A new collaboration with an interest in soil health and an aim to improve it will be launched in Parliament this October.
2nd Oct 2017
26th Sep 2017
The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and the British Beet Research Organisa
7th Aug 2017
The write ups of the farm walks that were held with the top three Soil Farmers of 2017 are now live! 
19th Jun 2017
When? Thursday 6th July What time? 6 - 8.30pm Where? Brewood Park Farm, Coven, Wolverhampton, WV9 5BW How do I book?
16th Jun 2017
Richard Suddes, a mixed farmer from Durham, and Tim Parton, an arable farmer from Staffordshire have been awarded the 2017 Soil Farmer of the Year Award as joint winners.
20th Mar 2017
Source: Jess Davies Nature 543, 309 - 311 (16 March 2017) Access it here 
28th Jan 2017
Source: Nutrition Matters Blog by Graham Sait, 2010
19th Jan 2017
Source: British Society of Soil Science, 17th January 2017.
8th Dec 2016
Source: Simon Parfey The solution to deteriorating soil health ... biodiversity!