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Soil Biology

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5th Aug 2016
Source: Farming Futures, 3rd August 2016
15th Jul 2016
The video below comes from the USDA natural resources department and is all about soil.
24th Jun 2016
The old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," only works if the "it" isn't broken. In the case of agricultural practices in Brazil, Cristiano Magalhaes Pariz realised something was broken. 
15th Feb 2016
This information below comes from
21st Jan 2016
This time lapse film shows bioturbation (the mixing of plant residues into soils and sediments by biotic activity).
5th Nov 2015
The Science of Soil Health: Using cover crops to soak up nutrients for the next crop.
14th Oct 2015
Soil bugs play a vital role in supporting soil structure and plant growth on grassland farms, but farmers must look after their soil to reap these benefits, warns a leading soil expert.
16th Jul 2015
The Soil Atlas 2015 presents facts and figures about earth, land and fields; its broad ranging significance and its current state in Germany, Europe and the world.
10th Jul 2015
Did you know that soils support more life beneath their surface than exists above? Soil is a living, dynamic resource at the surface of the earth.
9th Jul 2015
A study authored by Michigan State University (MSU) Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences assistant professor Lisa Tiemann is the first of its kind to show that crop rotations, in isolat