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Nitrous Oxide

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21st Apr 2017
The Farm Crap App Pro will be launched at the industry's Grassland and Muck event scheduled to take place at Stoneleigh in May of this year.
8th Dec 2016
Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) are areas designated as being at risk from agricultural nitrate pollution. They include about 58% of land in England.
31st May 2016
This information comes from a paper entitled “Spatially explicit estimates of N2O emissions from croplands suggest climate mitigation opportunities from improved fertiliser management” which has ju
15th Jan 2016
from Farming Futures
9th Nov 2015
The information in this blog comes from the end of project report from the MIN-NO project, which is a Defra funded project looking at minimising nitrous oxide intensities of arable crop products.
5th Oct 2015
So for the last blog of the month looking at Nitrous oxide here is a piece of research conducted by Theo Platts-Dunn at Lancaster University as part of a Masters programme.
29th Sep 2015
Following on from the blog at the end of last week looking at mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from livestock systems, this second part of the report looks at some of the science behind manage
25th Sep 2015
So for the last couple of blogs looking at nitrous oxide before we move onto something else, a big subject which hasn’t really been
14th Sep 2015
Spreading N-based fertilisers on grassland can increase greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) such as nitrous oxide (NO