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Crop evaluation at Reaseheath

9th Nov 2016

Source: Tillage magazine, Marion King, 5.11.16

The evaluation of groundbreaking companion cropping trials, aimed at conserving the environment while improving land productivity, have been revealed at Reaseheath College in Cheshire.

The trials, being held for the first time in the UK, have been run in partnership with machine manufacturer Pottinger, agronomy company Agrovista and seed companies DLF, Germinal and Pioneer. The aim is to find the most viable companion crop, suitable for UK growing conditions, which will establish and maintain quality maize forage while responding to potential legislation.

Twelve plots of different varieties of grass, clover, vetch, peas and other legumes were sown under early maturing maize. The growth and vigour of the companion crop were then evaluated by Agrivista agonomists, who presented their findings to an audience of industry professional at an on-farm demonstration event. 

Fescue 'Kora' was the clear winner of this intial trial, showing excellent rooting structure and growth plus the ability to establish under dry conditions and remain hardy under winter conditions. 

The trials will be repeated and re-evaluated next year.

Agrovista's John Ball told visitors: "Cover crops are going to become regulation. Leaving soil bare under maize is not going to be an option for us in future. We have to do something to prevent soil erosion and nutrient loss while still getting the best yield."

Undersowing grass and legumes under maize is a widespread practice in Europe where farmers on comparatively small mixed units use the system to keep within the environmental regulations and avoid being left with unproductive maize stubble.

To enable the simultaneous planting of maize and grass, Pottinger used its Pottinger Aerosem 3002 ADD drill which features a Precision Combi Seeding (PCS) system combining a precision maize drill and a conventional pneumatic seed drill on the same unit.

Reaseheath agriculture undergraduate Robert Yardley made the inital links with Pottinger at Agritechnical last November while he was at the show on a scholarship from the Oxford Farming Conference.

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