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New Environment Plan launched and its impact for farmers

9th Feb 2018

The government has released its 25 year Environment Plan which you can read in full (if you fancy it) here

The executive summary is below followed by the 10 goals that have been developed. 

Executive Summary

This 25 Year Environment Plan sets out government action to help the natural world regain and retain good health. It aims to deliver cleaner air and water in our cities and rural landscapes, protect threatened species and provide richer wildlife habitats. It calls for an approach to agriculture, forestry, land use and fishing that puts the environment first.

The Plan looks forward to delivering a Green Brexit – seizing this once-in-alifetime chance to reform our agriculture and fisheries management, how we restore nature, and how we care for our land, our rivers and our seas.

Our ambitious proposals will tackle the growing problems of waste and soil degradation – issues that affect our urban areas as well as our countryside. They seek to improve social justice by tackling the pollution suffered by those living in less favourable areas, and by opening up the mental and physical health benefits of the natural world to people from the widest possible range of ages and backgrounds.

We also set out how we will tackle the effects of climate change – still perhaps the most serious long-term risk to the environment given higher land and sea temperatures, rising sea levels, extreme weather patterns and ocean acidification, which harms marine species.

The UK Government has a role in protecting and improving the environment both at home and abroad. We will show leadership on conservation, climate change, land use, sustainable global food supplies and marine health.

We will champion sustainable development, lead in environmental science, innovate to achieve clean growth and increase resource efficiency to provide benefits to both our environment and economy, and keep our pledge to hand over our planet to the next generation in a better condition than when we inherited it.

We will also set gold standards in protecting and growing natural capital – leading the world in using this approach as a tool in decision-making. We will take into account the often hidden additional benefits in every aspect of the environment for national wellbeing, health and economic prosperity, with scientific and economic evidence to the fore.

Since the UK Government is responsible for a number of policies and programmes which affect sectors across the UK and internationally, some aspects of the Plan will apply to the UK as a whole. In other areas where environmental policy is devolved and responsibility rests with the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Executive, the proposals in this Plan apply to England only.

More broadly, we will work with the Devolved Administrations as we leave the EU to uphold environmental standards and go further to protect our shared natural heritage. We will continue to work with the Devolved Administrations on areas where common frameworks will need to be retained in the future. This Plan does not pre-empt these discussions.

The goals

By adopting this plan we will achieve:

  1. Clean air
  2. Clean and plentiful water
  3. Thriving plants and wildlife
  4. A reduced risk of harm from environmental hazards such as flooding and drought
  5. Using resources from nature more sustainably and efficiently
  6. Enhanced beauty, heritage and engagement with the natural environment

In addition pressures on the environment will be managed by

  1. Mitigating and adapting to climate change
  2. Minimising waste
  3. Managing exposure to chemicals
  4. Enhancing biosecurity

You can read the full report here