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New Grant available for farmers to improve productivity

8th Feb 2018

A new £60m grants scheme where farmers can bid for funds to buy new farm equipment was announced yesterday (7th February) by George Eustice at Dairy Tech. 

About the Countryside Productivity Small grant scheme

Farmers (including livestock, dairy, arable and horticultural sectors can apply for this new grant. There are a set list of items that are available to purchase under this grant, which is for a minimum of £3,000 and a maximum of £12,000, which can cover 40% of the eligible costs (50% in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly).

Unlike it's larger relative, the small grant scheme has a set list of items that are able to be purchased through the scheme and a standard cost attached to them. The list includes:

  • mobile cattle / sheep handling systems
  • fixed cattle / sheep handling systems
  • cattle crushes (including specialist foot trimming crushes)
  • electronic weighing sytem
  • cattle auto ID shedding gates 
  • cluster flushers
  • Automatic footbaths
  • heat / calving detection auds
  • automatic teat washing systems
  • EID hand held readers 
  • plate meter (hand held or trailed)
  • solar fence energiser
  • GPS unit for precision farming
  • Low trajectory slurry applicators (including trailing shoe, dribble bar, shallow injection, umbilical)
  • heat recovery unit
  • variable speed motors
  • hydraulic ram pumps
  • direct or strip till drill
  • Electronic scraper
  • grain drying
  • digital weather system

To read the full list and access the handbook please click here.

Important information

The closing date is the 14th March (so not long)

Applications have to be made online.

For more information please click here