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New grants available for beef and dairy farmers

8th Dec 2016

Source: Defra 

Defra have announced a new grant, The Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant, which allows funding for covers to existing slurry stores to improve as a fertiliser and reduce ammonia emissions from beef and dairy farms in England.


You can apply for this grant to help pay for covers to existing slurry stores on dairy and beef farms in England.

Slurry store covers provide the benefit of:


  • protecting the store from rainwater and reducing storage and field application costs
  • Reducing the loss of nitrogen and increase the quality of slurry as a fertiliser
  • reducing ammonia emissions and improving air quality
  • minimising odour emissions
You'll receive one to one advice from a farm adviser on ways to reduce ammonia emissions and conserve nitrogen which could increase the efficiency and reduce costs of your farm system
You'll get:
  • £61.00 per square metre for self supporting covers for slurry stores
  • £11.20 per square metre for floating covers for slurry stores and lagoons


You can apply from the 1st December 2016 to 31st January 2017. Late applications will not be accepted.
If you need help with the application form please call Natural England on 0208 026 2018 or for general enquiries please call 0300 060 3900.
Application forms and guidance is available on the Defra website here.