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New Survey launched to find out advisor's views on GHGs

3rd Feb 2017

A new survey aimed at farm advisors has been launched.

The survey, designed by current Nuffield Scholar, and FCCT project co-ordinator Becky Willson, is targeted at farm advisors and aims to understand what is happening on-farm and what more is needed to be done around sustainable farm management in order to improve productivity and achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Key to achieving the required greenhouse gas emissions reductions from agriculture is delivering knowledge to farmers on which management strategies work and in a way that inspires and enables them to adapt their farm management. This is where the vital role of advisors come in.

We all need to work together to come up with a strategy that achieves the emissions reductions needed from agriculture,” Becky explains. “We need management options that are based on sound science, are deliverable at the farm level and have value across the different types of farming businesses.  A key group of people that can contribute to the debate on what’s practical are farm advisors, so this survey is targeted at them to understand what is happening out on-farm and where they think the opportunities are to achieve real results.”

The results will feed into Becky’s final Nuffield report and will complement the views of advisors from around the world who Becky has talked to during her travels. The survey can be accessed here and will be open until the end of February.