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The Woodland Carbon Fund

8th Dec 2016

Applications for the Woodland Carbon fund opened on the 10th November 2016.

The Woodland Carbon Fund is a simple, demand-led grant scheme to boost the rate of woodland creation and to visibly demonstrate how, by taking a natural capital approach, woodland creation can help to meet government's future carbon targets alongside delivering other benefits. Successful applications will be for large scale (more than 30ha with a minimum block size of 10ha) predominantly productive woodland and, where possible, have sought opportunities to improve public access and achieve wider environmental outcomes in line with the UK Forestry Standards.

What is it?

A grant to support the planting of multipurpose woodlands over 30 ha in size, providing opportunities to work in partnership at a landscape scale, to improve public access to woodland and achieve wider environmental outcomes by:

  • contribution to future carbon budgets
  • Maximising natural capital benefits (by providing community access);
  • Acting as a pathfinder for large scale woodland creation;
  • Encouraging partnership approach and landscape-scale projects.
The Woodland Carbon fund is not part of Countryside Stewardship grant funding but sits alongside the grant support avialable via Countryside Stewardship and the recently re-opened Woodland Creation Planting Grant.
Maximum grants available will range between £6,800 and £8,500 per hectare depending on the site's location, with the higher rate available in 'peri-urban' (those areas surrounding urban areas) locations and if you provide permissive access to the public on foot. Additional support is available as a contribution to the installation of infrastructure such as footpaths to support recreation.

Is my land eligible? 

Click here to see whether you are eligible.