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24th Aug 2019
A write up of the Soil Farmer of the Year farm walk with our third place farmer Paul Davey.
24th Aug 2019
A write up of the farm walk with our 2019 runner up of the Soil Farmer of the Year competition, Will Blackburn.
24th Aug 2019
On a fine evening when combining was in the forefront of people’s minds, and for our last walk of the Soil Farmer series this year a group of farmers met in Oxfordshire to find out more about why J
9th Aug 2019
8th Oct 2018
Our final walk took place at Little Pix Hall Farm in Kent, which is managed by this year’s third place winner in the competition, Will Steel.
8th Oct 2018
Our second place farmer this year was Angus Gowthorpe, who farms 400 acres in York with a mix of ar
8th Oct 2018
Simon Cowell, this year’s Soil Farmer of the Year winner, farms 400 acres of heavy clay with a large acreage below sea level.
13th Jul 2017
Agroforestry 2017: improving productivity for farmers and foresters
17th Aug 2016
This blog was written by FCCT's newest director Liz Bowles and was featured on the
5th Aug 2016
A bit more of an in depth explanation as to what Becky is up to with her Nuffield studies this year from a blog written for the Food Climate Research Network.