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Building Soil Organic Matter resources

All the presentations, photos, handouts and interviews from our recent event in Warwickshire.

On the 3rd November this year FCCT teamed up with Warwickshire Rural Hub to put on an event looking at the importance of soil organic matter, and how to measure it in farm soils.  

Presentations from the day

Dr Jenni Dungait, Benefits of carbon: the current scientific evidence

Jonathan Smith, Building organic matter in cultivated crops

Stephen Goodwin Practicing sustainable and regenerative agricutlure (as this is such a large presentation I have split it up into different sections)

part 1a

part 1b

part 2

part 3

Handouts from the day

As part of the day, we tested the farm soils for organic matter percentage.

Download the results here.

One of the recommendations from the day was to re-test the fields 12 months later to see what the soil organic matter percentage was one year on.  Click here to see those results.


Interview with Stephen Goodwin.

Stephen Goodwin was our farmer speaker for the day and explained (very eloquently!) his farming system, what he learnt on his recent trip to America and what he is going to change on-farm since his trip.