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Field Lab 2 Practical Methods to reduce GHG emissions

Come along to the event in November to find out more about greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce them.

  • Interested in the issues surrounding climate change and how they will affect your farm?
  • Noticing that the weather has been a bit more varied than previously?
  • Want to find out more about farming sustainably and profitably?

Event Details

The second field lab event being run by FCCT is being held at Caplor Farm in Herefordshire on the 5th November.

It is a free event and will give you an opportunity to hear first hand what options are available in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farming and growing and how this can also translate into increased profitablility.

The events are focused on developing practical solutions to some of the issues we face and are based on farm. During the day the host farmer will explain what he is doing and how he has incorporated sustainability into his business, and FCCT staff will update you on what’s happening in terms of drivers, policy and funding for climate change mitigation.

If you are interested in attending please click here to
book, or if you need any more information please contact us.

The write up from the first field lab is available here.