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Communicating Carbon Reduction schemes to farmers

Becky's Nuffield report is now published!

Communicating carbon reduction schemes to farmers; busting preconceptions, driving efficiencies and profit.

Kindly sponsored by AHDB Beef and Lamb.

Objectives of study tour:

To understand the opportunities for UK livestock farmers to effectively reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions and increase soil carbon sequestration potential.
To seek out good examples of communication and knowledge transfer to farmers on this subject and examine what is working in terms of inspiring action and behavioural change.

Key messages

  • Carbon management on-farms is complex, there needs to be a multi - dimensional strategy that involves farmers, advisors, researchers and policy makers to achieve reduction targets. However although complex, the time to act is now.
  • Soil health is of critical importance and is at the centre of profitable, resilient and sustainable farm businesses. We must protect it at all costs.
  • Farmers provide an invaluable knowledge source on what works on the ground. They should be co-creating research projects that fit industry need.
  • It is crucially important to highlight positive stories and engage with farmers in a positive way
  • A consistent carbon footprinting methodology that includes soil carbon and is practical at farm level is urgently required.
  • Credibility, practical knowledge and relationship with the farmer are all crucial attributes to people communicating mitigation opportunities. 

Read the full report here! 

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