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Useful Links

Please find attached a list of Useful Links.

Carbon Calculators

Farm Carbon Calculator

Cool Farm tool

AgRE Calc

Alltech E-CO2


Food and farming organisations

SWARM Hub - Web based project aimed at providing farmers and growers with practical information on how to farm more sustainably and profitably.

Two Minute Farmer - Tackling the challenges of modern farming two minutes at a time

Soil Association - Low carbon Farming Project

Food and Climate Research Network

Climate change and Northeast agriculture

Low Carbon Farming 

Nafferton Ecological Farming Group

Cotswold Seeds - Information on cover crops, with detailed case studies and cutting edge research in the low carbon farming world.

Inovative Farmers - News and farmer led reseach reported from across the UK, with field lab findings shared usinf this platform

LEAF; Linking Environment and Farming - LEAF works with farmers in order to achieve a more sustainable agricultural industry and community. A large part of their vision includes the education of furture generations, whilst still maintaining their focus and research on Intergrated Farm Management. 

Inovation for Agriculture - Through practical and interactive workshops, farm walks, and on-farm demonstrations, Inovation for Agriculture help farmers to put this knowledge into practice.


AGRICOLOGY - Encourages practical and sustainable farming, regardless of labels. Their website explores several key themes, including;

  1. Agricological Approaches
  2. Soil Management 
  3. Weeds, Pests and Diseases
  4. Livestock Husbandry 
  5. Crops, Forage and Horticulture
  6.  Farm Management and Economics
  7. Environment and Wildlife 

Championing the Farmed Environment - Promoting good environmental management through productive farming practices. CFE helps farmers support the natural environment whilist farming efficiently and effectively. 

The Nature Friendly Farming Network - NFFN is led by farmers across the UK with a passion for sustainable farming and nature. Their aim is to unite farmers who are passionate about wildlife, sustainable agriculture and seek to secure positive policy changes in future farming. 

Pasture for Life - The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association brings together British farmers committed to producing high quality food in a more natural, sustainable and environmental way. Pasture-fed livestock;

  • Produces the highest quality meat and milk
  • Is better for the animals
  • Is good for the environment
  • Uses local resources


Event partners

Natural England

Farm Energy Centre - NFU energy

National Farmers Union