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We are committed to supporting farmers and organisations to measure, understand and take action on farm carbon. With the increasing spotlight on climate breakdown, pollution and biodiversity loss, we have 10 years of experience offering technical and educational services, enabling farmers and the wider industry to build their expertise and confidence around tackling carbon emissions.

Our expertise and practical experience range from carbon footprinting to soil health, carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture.

How we can help:

In addition to our free Farm Carbon Toolkit and Farm Carbon Calculator, we can offer additional services through Farm Carbon Consultancy:

Technical services:

  • Additional carbon footprinting: we support carbon footprinting calculations, including the interpretation and communication of results with enhanced visuals. This covers the complexities of livestock emissions, soil organic carbon and carbon sequestration. 

  • Carbon footprint reduction strategy: we support the development and delivery of strategies to improve farm carbon footprints, building your confidence and expertise along the way.

  • Soil health and organic carbon: soil is one of the most valuable assets on a farm, with a huge potential to store carbon, water and provide more resilient, healthier crops. We offer technical services and guidance on soil testing, interpretation of results and strategies to improve soil health. Our experienced advisors can help develop a soil sampling strategy which includes robust testing for carbon sequestration as well as guidance on the best management practices to build soil health and carbon levels on-farm. 

Education services:

Our team are experienced in teaching courses, delivering workshops and designing educational resources and presentations to deepen knowledge around farm carbon footprinting, soil health and carbon and the opportunities for taking action. 

We are passionate about helping the farming sector to develop its carbon literacy and as farmers ourselves, we believe that peer-to-peer learning and site visits are the most powerful methods for inspiring action. As such, many of our projects take place on farms, where people can experience first-hand the opportunities and benefits of taking action on carbon.


Services for consultants

Our farm carbon calculator is free for farmers to use for non-commercial purposes. For consultants interested in using the Farm Carbon Calculator as a tool to support their commercial services, we can design a package to suit your needs, together with bespoke advice and support. Please contact us to find out more. 

Partnerships and collaborations:

We recognise that collaboration is critical for society to address complex, intractable challenges such as climate change. Many of our projects are run in partnership with others and we welcome organisations to get in touch to discuss collaborative opportunities.

Getting in touch:

To discuss further how we can help you, please contact Becky Wilson, [email protected].