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Soil Carbon - Articles and Links


Some articles that give further understanding to the issues around farming and soil carbon

Carbon conscious farmers by Jonathan Smith, FCT

Carbon farming in Portugal by David Crespo

A farmers guide to increasing soil organic carbon under pasture by New South Wales Government

Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme by Christine Jones

Sort out your soil - a comprehensive practical guide to green manures by Cotswold Seeds

Reduced Tillage and Green Manures by Tillman-ORG project

The financial case for investing time and effort in carbon sequestration by AR Carbon

Theme of the month: Soil Carbon by FCT

Chappell,A., Baldock, J., Sanderman, J. (2015) The global significance of omitting soil erosion from soil organic carbon cycling schemes, Nature climate change, DOI: 10.1038/nclimate2829 

How to sequester more carbon on your holding - this is a comprehensive write up with the links to the presentations from a session at the Organic Producers conference in January 2016.

The '4 per 1000' initiative - globl initiative which demonstrates that agriculture, and in particular agricultural soils can play a crucial role in food security and climate change.


Green manures/cover crops

Cotswold Seeds

Hurrells Seeds

Western Seeds



Soil Carbon on your farm - pages from FCT

Low Carbon Farming project from Soil Association (archive pages)

Pasture Promise

European Climate Change Programme (ECCP) Working Group Sinks Related to Agricultural Soils - This final report covers the potential that carbon sequestration has in agricultural soils and its significance in contributing to climate change mitigation.



Agroforestry Research Trust

Eco Agroforestry Network

Silvopastoral Agroforestry Toolbox


Minimum tillage

Cover crops tested by BASE members in France

Soil & Cover cropping international magazine

BASE UK (Biodiversity, Agriculture, Soils and Environment) and BASE France

Reduced tillage in organic systems


Carbon sequestration

Carbon sequestration - the science from FCT Toolkit