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Soil carbon on your farm

Improving soil carbon levels in farm soils is one of the most important projects that farmers and society can engage in. Our aims are simple - to demonstrate the benefits of building soil carbon and highlight practical methods to do so.

Practical measures

There are two important aspects to increasing soil carbon levels - reducing losses and maximising gains. Both must be given equal importance when designing management strategies.

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There are many benefits of increasing soil carbon, both to your business and wider benefits to society and the planet.

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Other resources

FCT have created a series of infographics depicting the main issues surrounding soil carbon. Click on the picture below to access them. There are loads of scientific research papers covering this topic and lots of trials occurring to measure levels of sequestration under different management regimes. This information on these pages is a summary, to learn more about the topics, why not look at the research page for further reading material?



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