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Good management techniques

Wider business operations

It is worth considering the wider sustainability of all the activities on your farm including:

  1. processing of products; is this being done in the most efficient way?
  2. the packaging of the farm's products and of those bought in; using recycled materials helps reduce emissions and expensive waste to landfill
  3. the food consumed on-site; are you importing food which could be provided from the farm, or are there synergies with food deliveries and farm transport?
  4. Company clothing and associated equipment; where and how is this made?

Waste minimisation

How to minimise waste should be a concern for every building during its construction and operation

Landfill gate fees are rising every year as the government must meet EU level targets for recycling. Therefore reducing waste and increasing recycling rates is a sensible business decision.




The optimum approach to waste is generally based on the principles and precedence below:



Monitoring and Evaluation

Setting targets, monitoring and evaluating performance can make a big difference to results.  Tools such as smart meters are very useful for keeping track of energy consumption for example, but it could be as simple as regularly checking bills in order to track how much energy you are using per quarter.

Read more about this important aspect in the Energy Resilience section of the Toolkit.



As a crucial part of any business, buildings and operations are areas which contribute hugely to a business's success or failure.  What better reason to take action, particularly as numerous small steps can be taken without a big outlay or major disruption.

See the recommendations on the Action page of the Toolkit for the easiest to achieve, highest impact steps you can take.