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This section of the Farm Carbon Toolkit is designed to enable any farmer in the UK to understand:

  • The importance of taking action on your farm to reduce farm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • How different parts of a farming system produce GHGs.
  • Which parts of the farm operation result in the most significant GHG emissions.
  • Key actions you can take to make a start at reducing your farm GHG emissions – now.

The Toolkit is written by farmers, for farmers; it's not a definitive guide – we couldn't get everything on just a few pages, but it is a distillation of the essential items and it's designed to give you a good grasp of the issues and actions.
It will be updated continuously as we hear about new research giving an improved understanding of a process or a new farm technique that we become aware of. We hope it will give you all the tools you need to make sense of the subject and take some positive action in response. All comments and suggestions are gratefully received as this is an evolving process.


Understanding how climate change, energy security and food security interact with farming, growing and food is important if you want to change your farming and growing system.
This section of the Toolkit is designed to make clear where greenhouse gases (GHG) are emitted on a farm and to identify the changes that can be made to a farm operation to reduce emissions.
This bit is where you can make a difference. The pages in this section are designed to enable you to DO something – which in the end is what all of this is about.