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Soil Carbon


Agriculture Bill: Soil at heart of UK farm grant revolution

22nd Jan 2020

BBC environment analyst, Roger Harrabin looks into the future of UK soils and their potential providing services for society like clean air, clean and plentiful water, flood protection, thriving wildlife and climate change resilience.

A promise to do more to protect the soil will form part of a vision for the UK farm industry being unveiled by the government later.

Soil Carbon event Thursday 14th February, Stoneleigh

12th Feb 2019

Come along to our soils workshop where we will be talking about our soil carbon project, looking at the initial results and discussing year 2's activity.

We are all aware that soil health and soil roganic matter are key areas of policy discussion and debate at the moment. Our project, working with a network of famers is looking at how to test soil carbon sequestration and a range of other soil health measures and how soil carbon impacts on the whole farm carbon footprint.