Demo Farms

Our demonstration farms are there to act as hubs for training and inspiration for other farmers. Each demonstration farmer has the challenge of reaching net zero by the end of the project. The farm will have bespoke help and guidance throughout the project to achieve this and will undergo regular carbon footprinting to assess progress.

Three demonstration farms have been selected that represent the range of farming systems and management practices that exist in Cornwall. Throughout the project they will be researching innovative management systems including:

  • Compost use on-farm
  • The use of diverse swards, the benefits and practicalities
  • Outwintering stock
  • Cover crops
  • Tillage practices
  • Grazing management

All of the management that is trialled on the farms will be done with guidance from our Demo Farm director Dr Hannah Jones who has extensive experience in designing and delivering on-farm research. Other farmers will be able to keep in touch regularly with our demo farms who will be hosting three farm walks per year, and providing regular content to the website on what is happening on-farm. Each of the proposed interventions that are being trialled on the farms will be fully costed in carbon and financial terms.