About Us

The Farm Carbon Toolkit was created by farmers for farmers. For over a decade, we’ve worked to further the understanding of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. We provide tools and services to measure impact and run projects with farmers that inspire action on the ground.

Our vision is a farming sector that minimises its carbon emissions and maximises its carbon sequestration, whilst producing quality food and a wide range of public goods, all produced by resilient and profitable farm businesses.

What We Do

Alongside our free Farm Carbon Calculator and Toolkit for farmers, we run an annual Soil Farmer of the Year competition and various projects covering:

  • Peer-to-peer training and learning events on whole-farm and soil carbon footprinting;
  • Farmer outreach and support projects;
  • Bespoke advice and action planning with farmers, landowners and companies, centred around measuring and improving soil health, greenhouse gas emissions and other ecosystem services;
  • Partnerships with research institutions to further our understanding of soil carbon sequestration and best practice protocols for measurement, reporting and verification.

Who we work with

We work with a range of organisations, large and small, delivering training and advice. Some recent clients and funders include:

Our History and How We’re Organised

We are a Community Interest Company, run by a small, dedicated, team of staff and Directors.

We started in 2009 as a vehicle for farmers to connect with other farmers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. At the time, there was no farmer-led organisation providing practical support for farmers on the subject of climate change – or providing a clear farmer-informed platform on the importance and urgency to tackle climate change.

Since then, we’ve helped to inform and enable farmers to improve their environmental impacts, increase farm energy resilience and future proof their business.

Our Approach

Despite the rapid rise of interest in farm and soil carbon, it is still a complex and emerging topic for farmers and organisations to understand and navigate; especially when shifting management practices, and assessing the impact on the wider business as well as the carbon performance.

We pride ourselves on being an organisation that is run by farmers for farmers. In every project we do, we make it our mission to:

  • Provide a practical, scientifically robust and accurate approach.
  • Produce guidance and other outputs that are high-quality, accessible and easy-to-understand.
  • Stay focused and committed to supporting farmers to understand and take action on their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Work collaboratively and creatively with others, striving for clear and consistent communication in our projects.
  • Aim for the highest levels of accuracy and integrity in our work. We carry out our research and analysis in an objective and impartial way; giving a fair and balanced report of our findings.