Key Resilience Planning Considerations

This work deals specifically with resilience planning for a key variable that we as farmers have to deal with every day – namely the weather.

The information on this page comes from some Defra funded work that is looking at resilience planning on -farm.

The weather is one aspect of future climate change predictions that will impact all farmers in one way or another. Whether its hotter, colder, wetter or drier, it will alter the way that we manage our land and cropping / livestock.

This report concludes that the key to farm resilience planning is to assess the impact that these trends in weather are expected to have on the farm enterprises in their current management, which will highlight the level of vulnerability for the farm.

The table below comes from the work done in the Cheviot Hills, which details what the potential impacts are in livestock and arable enterprises.

Source: Cheviot futures -farm resilience planning.